Testimonials for Jason Reid

As A Speaker

“Jason has great content, a wonderful speaking style and the ability to entertain while informing the audience.Jason provided high value content for our organization and presented it in an engaging way, I highly recommend Jason for your next event.”

Cathy Gignac, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, Mississauga Chapter

Jason’s personal stories and speaking style are memorable. Jason has a way of taking a most frustrating and challenging lifestyle (that of living with chronic illness) and talking about it with passion, compassion and yes, humour. Jason’s Twitter handle is “recharge my mojo”, and that’s exactly what he did for all of us who attended
his seminar. Thanks Jason!!”

Maria Glidden,  Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, Mississauga Chapter

“I had the opportunity to moderate Jason’s session on “Engaging Employees with Chronic Health Conditions” at the Human Resource Management Association of Manitoba’s Connect 2012 conference. Jason easily engaged the audience, provided thoughtful answers to a number of questions, and provided a great deal of valuable content for the audience to take away.”
Reis Pagtakhan, Human Resource Management Association of Mantioba

“I personally gained so much from attending Jason’s seminar and having the opportunity to hear him speak. There was such high energy from the participants who have attended his seminar.  Jason’s workshop offered practical solutions to reduce stress and get more done. I highly recommend Jason for your next event.”

Annie Sun, Event Coordinator, George Brown College

“I have attended many workshops on stress management and wellness, and Jason’s was outstanding. His approach to breaking down ideas and identifying specific steps for improvement would be useful for everyone. I highly recommend him as a speaker.”

Diane Moore, Coordinator/Professor, George Brown College


“Jason presented an hour-long webinar for us on the topic of engaging employees with chronic illness. The webinar was very well attended and participants stayed active with us for the entire hour.

Jason’s engaging style and original content kept participants actively interested throughout the presentation. His thought-provoking mix of big picture concepts, relevant statistics, and real-life examples shone a spotlight on an area that is rarely discussed in such a practical, straightforward way. Jason provided satisfying answers to many thought-provoking audience questions and even handled a technical glitch in the webinar without missing a beat.

The audience appreciated Jason’s comprehensive and action-oriented approach and many responded with positive comments of thanks at the end of the session.

Jason brings a professional, warm and inviting approach to his work. He is reliable, authentic and a pleasure to work with. ”

Elaine Austin, Program Director for Business Takes Action at Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters


“Jason Reid spoke at the Ontario Health Workplace Coalition Networking Breakfast Meeting on February 28th, 2012 on the topic of ‘Engaging Employees with Chronic Illness’. The session was well attended and very positivity received by our members and guests. Jason’s personal story of manager with a chronic illness who overcame significant personal challenges to lead his team to national and international awards is inspiring and thought provoking, and provides a model for others to follow.  

His vast personal and professional knowledge and experience makes him an expert resource that leaders can trust to deliver content that is meaningful, relevant, inspiring and actionable. This was demonstrated by our member’s interest in this important topic, and Jason’s ability to handle the many questions with professionalism, skill and tact. We are very fortunate to have such a positive force for change that is so greatly needed in Ontario workplaces at this time.”

Erika Caspersen, Ontario Healthy Workplace Coalition – Membership Engagement Committee Co-Chair and Founder – Innovative Wellness Solutions


“I was very skeptical of attending a recent kidney disease support group seminar that had a guest speaker Jason Reid (media professional and author) as I figured I would be listening to someone speaking about how to live with a chronic illness that actually doesn’t have the challenges of living with chronic pain.

However, as he spoke, I found out that Jason has challenges with pain.  I thought, “This is really someone who “gets it” since I deal and live with chronic pain myself from my kidney disease and dialysis.  I was very intrigued to hear what he would have to say and share with the group.

I began to feel inspired and motivated while he spoke about his personal journey with chronic pain. Jason really spoke from the heart and really drew me in to his presentation.

For example, he used simple phrases to describe how to cope, like “pacing yourself”. I find for myself in my personal journey, this is so true, it does work!

Jason breaks down his presentation talking about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy. I found it really amazing how he points out these words to really stimulate the audience to think about how they apply to our own personal situation.

Lastly, this amazing author encouraged the group to “Do What You Love.”  I personally thought about this during the presentation and it excited me to think outside of the box and reflect for myself what do I love to do?

I have ordered Jason’s book and I am really excited to read it so that I may be inspired to look at other ways on how to cope with my chronic kidney disease.

I love to feel inspired and Jason did just that for me.”

Lori Kraemer, Kitchener Ontario.

InvisAbilities Canada“Jason captivated the audience throughout his dynamic, thirty-minute speech, addressing the misconceptions of hidden, chronic illness. He was genuinely passionate about this topic, building a positive rapport with the audience. Jason’s speech was well-structured and effectively paced, allowing listeners to readily receive the information in a manner that was easy to comprehend and retain.

Afterwards, Jason connected with the audience through a question/answer period; his friendly and open demeanour encouraged students to pose a variety of questions. Jason’s presentation was well-received by all, and our club will most definitely invite him back in the near future. I recommend Jason without reservation.”
Julie Harmgardt , Founder & Chair , InvisAbilities Canada


“Thank you for delivering a presentation at our Arthritis in the Workplace Public Forum in September. Your presentation was a welcome addition to the program as it addressed the emotional aspect of dealing with chronic illness.

The audience clearly related to your personal account of working in a high pressure job while trying to manage a chronic disease. Your presentation was inspiring and motivational. Attendees were encouraged to see the value they bring to their work, and to stretch their boundaries in order to increase their value at work and their level of job satisfaction”.
Lorna Catrambone, Manager of Community Engagement,  The Arthritis Society
Halton-Peel Region

“Jason is a brilliant writer, speaker and entertainer. His information and approach are well thought out, with emphasis on engaging his audience in the most meaningful way possible. He is able to convey big picture concepts using heartfelt life experiences. As a high level manager he successfully juggled deadlines, corporate responsibilities and staff motivation. He combines this professional know-how with personal experiences to generate a motivational and results-oriented approach”
Rowan Ramsay, Executive Producer, Ramsay Media


Jason’s speech was incredibly relevant to the members of our group, and many of us were moved by his honest discussion of how chronic illness has affected his life. One of the most impressive results of his speech at Queen’s was the reaction of the audience members not connected with the group. A number of people who were unfamiliar with invisible illness remarked that Jason’s speech had not only educated them, but inspired them to alter their perceptions. Jason is extremely passionate about assisting people with chronic illness, a fact demonstrated by the speech he gave at our event and his willingness to answer questions and talk privately with people afterward.
His speech was informative, concise and candid. I recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to have him speak at your event.
Jane Kerrison, Queens University



“I worked with Jason when he was the news manager for the Weather Network, a highly competitive industry. Jason is a strong leader. He understands the challenges and needs of organizations, particularly during times of change. He has a passion for coaching and motivating people.

He inspired his employees to create award-winning work by creating a work environment that was happy and productive. His secret was truly caring about each of his employees and treating them as individuals with different needs and personalities. Jason is a great communicator too. He’s a natural story-teller. His energy and enthusiasm rubs off on his audience. His years in broadcast journalism have given him the ability to engage and entertain an audience while making sure his message is delivered in a clear and memorable way.

He is sincere, kind and professional. These qualities make him easy to work with. Plus his sense of humor allows him to break the ice in any awkward situation.”
Halina St. James , Partner , Podium Media & Communications Coaching


As a Coach

“Jason is one of the most inspirational people I’ve met.  He helped me achieve several personal and professional goals.  Jason’s technique helped me to find balance in my life by reducing stress.  Working with Jason will motivate you and propel you to success!”
Kelly Noseworthy, Hamilton Ontario

“If there is an upside to having a chronic illness it is that I’ve had the good fortune to meet and work with Jason Reid. Jason was the first person I met on this journey who seemed to fully understand what I was going through. It stands to reason since he, himself, has lived with the challenges of chronic illness for many years. With Jason I have a complete trust that he can help guide me to where I need to be in terms of developing coping strategies and attaining a level of good health and vitality. As well as being a great sounding board, he has been instrumental in enabling me to not just exist with chronic illness, but to truly look forward to a fulfilling life in spite of it!”
E. Logan, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“Jason’s ability to get the most out of people is impressive.  When interacting with Jason, his sincerity instills confidence. Whenever I was unsure or needed guidance on a particular project – Jason was able to point me in the right direction with increased focus and a better understanding of how to push ahead with poise. Jason’s passion for helping others was apparent throughout our working relationship. He would guide me through the good, the bad, but always with the sense that I had within me the capability of achieving the goals I set out for myself.
Ross Hull, Kitchener Ontario

“Jason understands all aspects of peoples’ character which makes him great at what he does.
He brings out the awareness to understand why things are the way they are, so solutions can be applied that make sense and are easy to use.  Employees are the most  costly and most important aspect in the success of a company.  Everyone has potential and wants to do well, the employer just needs to recognize it.  Jason creates that awareness…..It was a pleasure listening to his wisdom and insight. ”
Anna C., Markham Ontario.

“Jason listens keenly to the ideas of others. He acknowledges strengths and supports growth in developing skills. Jason is not only extremely professional, but personable, too, making him very easy to work with and work for. I absolutely recommend Jason as a coach.”
Karina Sinclair, Toronto Ontario