Canadian wellness speakers

At Sick with Success we believe that teamwork is an important part of helping organizations with challenges related to mental and physical wellness such as chronic illness, disability, care-giver issues, grief, stress and fatigue.

Our associates have been personally selected because of their skills, professionalism and integrity. They are also wonderful people! In addition, they all bring personal experiences from their own lives to their areas of expertise. Whether you are looking for compelling keynotes, workshops or coach/consultants on these important issues, we can provide you with the experts you need. – Jason Reid, Sick with Success®

Our team of speakers and consultants include:

Shirley Edwards – Caregiver Expert

caregiver and disability expert Shirley Edwards

Shirley Edwards is the principal coach/consultant and Founder of  Open Mind Coaching Services. From her lifelong belief in equality, inclusion and respect, and her personal journey with her son’s struggle with physical disability, chronic health challenges and brain injury, Shirley has carved out a unique perspective, insight and effectiveness on both sides of the social services and disabilities worlds.

In 1992, Shirley obtained her Voluntary Sector Management certificate from York University, gaining a solid understanding of the needs and challenges of the communities she serves. In her capacity as Program Manager of the Ontario Federation For Cerebral Palsy and Interim-Executive Director for the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario, Shirley has provided leadership, management and support to board members, staff and volunteers.

Trish Robichaud – Disability Awareness Coach

Accessibility Consultant and AODA Specialist

Trish Robichaud is a Disability Awareness Coach,Accessibility Consultant and AODA Specialist who lives with multiple sclerosis and major depression.  Having provided coaching, counseling and advocacy support to people with disabilities for almost two decades, her experience and perspective is invaluable to organizations looking to accommodate our fastest growing minority population.  Through training, consulting and coaching, Trish takes her clients from uncertainty about strategies for accommodations to a place of confidence and legal compliance with the AODA.

Having been the keynote speaker for the accessibility conference hosted by Ontario Public Service’s Diversity Office of the Ministry of Government Services in May 2009, some of Trish’s more recent projects have included content development and subject matter expertise for a number of accessibility videos for the Province of Ontario.

Her company, Changing Paces, was the first Disability Awareness Training Firm in Ontario to have developed, tested and implemented an Accessible Customer Service Training program. The training program, appropriately titled “PEOPLE FIRST”, was developed by Trish in response to the AODA and the Customer Service Standard’s training requirement and has been highly regarded across the province by countless municipalities, private sector companies as well as non-profit organizations alike.

Laurie Martin, certified trauma specialist and executive leadership coachLaurie M. Martin, (CTS) – Certified Trauma Specialist

Life Strategist, Published Author and Professional Speaker.

Laurie is one of only a handful of Certified Trauma Specialists in Canada.  Through her company, Life Interrupted Incorporated, she can help your business achieve organizational goals and objectives through interactive workshops, seminars and coaching sessions.  Laurie Martin helps people achieve interpersonal competence, delivers services that strengthens and inspires people for team effectiveness and transformational leadership.  Laurie works closely with organizations or individuals to achieve heir growth objectives through dynamic performance, making them their better best!

She also offers one-on-one grief and intervention support. Her expertise has proved invaluable in many high-profile emergency situations helping corporations and people stop the spin of a critical situation.

Her book entitled: Life Interrupted – Greater Success by Managing Life’s Toughest Moments  is a National Best Seller.

Laurie has been instrumental in designing international award-winning videos and workplace training programs. Laurie has shared her expertise on CBC, CNN, Toronto One T.V., Canada A.M., the Andy Barrie Show, Jim Chapman Talk Show (1410 Radio A.M.), Entrepreneurs (CJOB Radio), A.M. 740, and MIX 106.  She has been featured in the Canadian Insurance Magazine, Municipality World, RCMP Gazette, Ontario Health & Safety Magazine, HR Professional, Canadian HR Reporter, EAP Digest (USA), and various syndicated news publications internationally.

Paul D. Moffatt -Mental Wellness, Communication and Leadership

Professional and Personal Life Coach, Executive Leadership Coach

Toronto Fire Services Platoon Chief, Retired.

Paul is currently a Professional and Personal Life Coach and Executive Leadership Coach. He is also as a consultant to National Life Safety Group. He is a specialist in the area of mental wellness, communication and leadership.

Paul’s management experience  as a Platoon Chief combined with 25 years of front line firefighting incorporates the public sector perspective into life safety. Paul’s experience includes Incident Commander at large scale emergencies, joint health and safety committee representative, co-author and committee member of the training leadership and officer development program, liaison between Toronto Police Service and stakeholders for joint operating procedures, part of management team for Public Order units for Toronto Police Service and Toronto Emergency Medical Service, representative for Toronto Fire Service high-rise and strategic planning committee for downtown Toronto.

Laura KozlowskiLaura Kozlowski – Wellness Consultant

Laura Kozlowski is a business owner and former competitive athlete. Juggling a professional sales career along with athletic pursuits for 15 years was a commitment to discipline and excellence. It made the journey through a health crisis that much more challenging for her. Through that 5 year personal journey of dealing with a chronic diagnosis were bouts of depression and physical challenge, she was constantly seeking answers and desperate for guidance and support.

Finding hope, dealing with acceptance and learning empathy drove her to make a major career change in 2011 from corporate sales to her own business in health and wellness. That, in combination with a firm belief that our environment is a major contributor to poor health, she is a walking testament to the benefits of nutritional cleansing. Now, she is committed to educating and coaching others on how to get healthier – no matter where the starting point. Her motivational speaking encourages others to be inspired to a higher quality of life and to take each day’s gifts with gratitude.